Introducing the 2018-2019 Minds Matter Seattle Roster

Minds Matter is excited to introduce the 2018-2019 Minds Matter Seattle roster. This September, we welcomed an incoming Sophomore class and advanced the classes before them to Juniors and Seniors.

Students gather to participate in a rigorous volunteer-led tutoring and mentoring program from 10am-2pm, every Saturday starting in September 2018 and concluding June 2018. Throughout the day students focus on reading/writing, math, and communication skills, test-prep, applying to summer programs (sophomores and juniors) and to colleges and scholarships (seniors).

Get to know the three classes of dedicated high-school students, and learn what they’ll be working on for the next 7 months, below.

Sophomores: Our Freshest Class


Our sophomores are currently focusing on their reading, writing, and communication skills. They will then use the skills they learned and start applying to their first college summer programs with the guidance of their mentors and instructors.

Throughout the year they will also complete projects such as the three-year high school plan and will continue bonding with their mentors and getting to know one another.

Juniors: Halfway Through the Program

Our juniors are working hard to improve their SAT/ACT scores through a comprehensive SAT/ACT tutoring offered by Minds Matter. Beside the test preparations, they are currently working hard on applying their second summer programs.

They are also getting ready for senior year as they start exploring colleges and majors!

Seniors: Getting Ready for College

IMG_3662 (1)

These are our fabulous seniors! They are working very hard on college and scholarship applications. Throughout the year, they will soon focus on their senior projects and getting ready for their first year of college.

We can’t wait to see their college acceptances in the spring!