Introducing the 2016-2017 Minds Matter Seattle Roster!

We are so excited to introduce the 2016-2017 Minds Matter Seattle roster. This September, we welcomed an incoming Sophomore class, advancing the classes before them to Juniors and Seniors.

Every Saturday from September 2016 to June 2017, these students will gather to participate in a rigorous volunteer-led tutoring and mentoring program from 10am-2pm. Including travel time to get to/from program, this is equivalent to nearly a sixth day of school for students.

Meet the three classes of dedicated high-school students, and learn what they’ll be working on for the next 8 months, below.

Sophomores: Our Youngest Class

Minds Matter Sophomore Class

From left to right: Back row – Liya, Angelica, Jenisa. Front row – Vanessa, Itzetl, Lily, Kaleb.

Sophomores will focus on building confidence, ambition and motivation that will drive their high school careers. They will work on test prep to increase their standardized test scores, begin to develop writing and critical thinking skills, learn to better communicate their ideas, and develop a three-year plan for high school and college admission. Under the guidance of their mentors, students will apply to their first round of summer programs at prep schools, colleges, and universities around the country.

Juniors: In the Thick of It

Minds Matter Junior Class

From left to right: Back row – Anita, Aracely, Minh tu. Front row – Cathy, Vanessa, Christine.

The Juniors will be largely focused on the SAT and ACT, in preparation for the standardized tests that will occur in spring 2017. Individualized coaching plans will be developed to help students in the areas where they are struggling. In addition to test prep, Juniors will apply to their second round of summer programs, participate in a debate series, and begin crafting their personal statements.

Seniors – On Track for Graduation

Minds Matter Senior Class

From left to right: Yazmine, Bertwocane, Soleymy, William, Rasha.

These are the hardest-working seniors you’ll ever meet – no senior fever here! The core focus for Seniors is to select and apply for colleges. This includes financial aid considerations, applying for scholarships, college essay writing, and staying organized with critical application deadlines. Students will take a refresher test prep course to boost their scores if they want to retake the SAT and ACT exams. Once college applications are complete, the focus will be shifted to preparing for college life and a Capstone Project that teaches students how to give back to their communities.

Learn More

Read a detailed outline of our three-year program here.