Resources 2023

Students : Stories


“My experience in MM has been an amazing journey so far. Everyone is kind and welcoming, I always feel safe and comfortable in this community. Even through the hard times during this pandemic, everyone makes the best out of it. It’s hard for everyone to be learning and meeting each other online, but the smiles and laughs we share in or out of sessions has been so worth it! I don’t have a specific thing I enjoy about Minds Matter because every moment and every second has been incredible. Minds Matter became a second family to me, I’m so grateful to be a part of this community and I’m always looking forward to the next session.”


“Minds Matter has helped me academically, professionally, and personally. Having 2 mentors is powerful and the summer programs are a great way to learn about new topics and interests. Currently, I want to study biomedical engineering in college. I want to be able to use my skills to provide service to those who need it. My hobbies include drawing, reading science fiction, and playing tennis. If I were a superhero, my magical ability would be to fly – preferably by wings. I am optimistic about what the future holds.”


“Minds Matter has been able to help me network and surround myself with a positive community of both adults and peers. During both in sessions and outside of sessions I have found my self eager to learn more about those around me. I have found support from those in Minds Matter and it has been amazing to have such inspiring people around me.”


“I am really passionate about human rights and changing the criminal justice system. things I like doing on my free time is taking hikes and spending time with nature. My goals with this program is to give me a head start and to develop skills that will help me in my career.”


“Im most passionate about psychology, specifically children and adolescent clinical psychology. My goal is to remove mental health disparities and create a more safer/welcoming space for BIPOC youths/children to openly discuss their mental health. The reason behind my career choice actually happens to be minds matter. Before I came into the program I was stuck between two programs that I was very passionate about, law and psychology. Through the Minds Matter summer program, I got the opportunity to really deep dive into psychology. From there I learned that was it, psychology was the one I want to pursue in the future.”