Executive Committee


Ann Rubin


Ann joined Minds Matter Seattle in 2013 as Mentor & Director of Summer Programs, becoming President in 2015. Born and raised in Tokyo, she is a certified college counselor and owner of COLLEGE-DO, a private college counseling service firm specializing in both local and international students. She has enjoyed working closely with each of the mentees in finding their best-fitting summer programs and looks forward to supporting even more students in the coming years. Ann obtained her B.A. in Political Science from Bryn Mawr College, an M.A. in Education from Columbia University Teachers College, and her college counseling certificate from UCLA.


Nicole Arroyo

VP of Academics

Nicole started with Minds Matter in fall 2014 as a mentor. She has previously worked with students in many capacities, including tutoring, mentoring, and teaching, but most notably as an instructor for the Talent Development Institute. She graduated from the Rochester Institute of Technology in 2012 with a B.S. in molecular bioscience and biotechnology and is currently pursuing a Ph.D. in immunology at the University of Washington. Nicole is passionate about diversity initiatives and how they can be utilized in the classroom to benefit all students.


Katie Moran

VP of Operations

Katie Moran began with Minds Matter in 2014 as a mentor and has been a part of the executive committee since 2015. She currently works as a Project Manager at Adaptive Biotechnologies in Seattle. She previously worked as a Research Associate at Spectrum Research for 3 years. Katie graduated from the University of Puget Sound in 2013 with a degree in Molecular and Cellular Biology. During her time at UPS, she was President of the Phi Sigma Biological Honors Society, a biology course assistant, as well as an outdoor trip leader.


Melissa Hendershott

Director Of Mentoring & Academic Planning (Senior Program)

Melissa joined Minds Matter Seattle in 2014 as a junior mentor and now serves as the Director Of Mentoring & Academic Planning. She graduated from Boston University with a degree in biochemistry and completed a PhD in cell biology at the University of California-San Francisco. She now works as a Microscopy Specialist at the Allen Institute for Cell Science. Melissa is looking forward to working with our second class of seniors this year, as well as an awesome group of mentors.


Joseph Buchta

Director of Mentoring & Academic Planning (Junior Program)

Joseph joined Minds Matter Seattle in early 2015 as a sophomore mentor and is now the Director of Mentoring & Academic Planning. Joseph graduated as valedictorian of his high school and received a full tuition scholarship from Wayne State University. At Wayne State, Joseph received his BA in Mathematics, BS in Computer Science, and an MS in Computer Science.  Joseph is currently the Director of Product Management at Coupang, South Korea's fastest growing e-commerce retailer.


Anukul Veeraraghavan

Director of Mentoring & Academic Planning (Sophomore Program)

Anukul joined Minds Matter Seattle in 2015 as a mentor and now serves as the Director of Sophomore Academic Mentoring. He studied Math at the University of Washington and currently works as a Software Engineer at Microsoft. His goal is to share his joy for learning with the students and help them explore the opportunities that lay ahead.

Zenzi Moore

Director of Mentoring & Academic Planning

Jennifer Sweeny

Director of Senior Enrichment


Devon Harris

Co-Director of Test Prep

Devon has been with Minds Matter Seattle since its first year and is now co-directing the Test Prep program with Shashank Bharadwaj. She enjoys standardized testing a little too much and is really excited to share her passion and knowledge with the junior class this year.Devon graduated from Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology in 2013 with a degree in biomedical engineering, moved to Seattle shortly after, and fell in love with the PNW. She is currently a Manufacturing Engineer at EKOS Corporation, where she's proud to be part of a great team making ultrasonic devices that clear blood vessel blockages to treat pulmonary embolism.


Shashank Bharadwaj

Co-Director of Test Prep

Shashank joined Minds Matter in 2015 as a Test Prep instructor and is now a co-director for Test Prep. He has been a tutor at various levels, from high school to college to his professional career. He graduated with a B.S. in Industrial Engineering from the Georgia Institute of Technology and then worked as a federal consultant for IBM in Washington, D.C. Shashank moved to Seattle to work for Amazon and in his current role works as a Data Engineer supporting Amazon's device and digital businesses.


Eduardo Gonzalez-Vega

Director of Math Matters

Eduardo joined Minds Matter Seattle in 2015 as a junior mentor, and is now continuing as a senior mentor as well as Director of Math Matters. Eduardo graduated with a degree in Aeronautics and Astronautics from the University of Washington in Seattle. He then went to school in France, and graduated with an International Masters of Turbulence degree from the École Nationale Supérieure de Méchanique et d'Aérotechnique. Now Eduardo works as a Fluid Dynamicist, and looks at how fluids move and the interesting things that result from fluid flow, like air flowing around an airplane for example. Eduardo loves all things math, and is excited to share his enthusiasm for mathematics with the students.


Sara Brannman

Director of Writing Council

Sara began working with Minds Matter Seattle in 2016 as a Writing and Critical Thinking instructor, and now acts as the Director of the Writing Council. She obtained her B.A. in Public Policy, B.A. in Environmental Studies, and minor in Human Rights from the University of Washington in 2015. Though she currently works for The Campion Advocacy Fund - a local nonprofit that works at the intersection of environment, policy, and human rights - Sara is considering a horizontal career shift into education...partially due to Minds Matter!

Bob McNamara

Director of Writing & Critical Thinking

Bob joined Minds Matter as a Writing and Critical Thinking instructor in 2016, having recently retired after 30 years of teaching writing in the Interdisciplinary Writing Program at the University of Washington. In 2017, Bob joined the executive committee as Director of Writing and Critical Thinking. When he’s not working with Minds Matter, he enjoys playing with his grandchildren and writing poetry. His most recent book of poems is Incomplete Strangers.

Lara Gruye_Photo_2017

Lara Gruye

Co-Director of Summer Programs 

Lara joined Minds Matter as a Writing and Critical Thinking instructor in 2015. She joined the executive committee in 2016 as a Director of Summer Programs. She currently works as a Research Study Assistant in Anesthesiology and Pain Medicine at the University of Washington Medical Center. She is excited for another great year at Minds Matter, and is looking forward to helping students achieve their goals in selecting and attending the summer programs of their dreams!


Lutong Yang

Co-Director of Summer Programs

Lutong joined Minds Matter in 2015 as a Senior Enrichment Instructor and is currently Director of Summer Programs for the Junior class. Lutong graduated from University of Pittsburgh with a BA in finance and marketing. After college, she moved to Seattle to join Amazon.


Edward Wilson

Co-Director of Summer Programs

Edward joined Minds Matter Seattle as a mentor in 2014 and now serves as Co-Director of Summer Programs. As a beneficiary of services similar to those offered by Minds Matter, he felt compelled to help others reach their long-term educational and career goals. He is currently a Brand Manager at Nordstrom and holds a B.S. in Industrial and Labor Relations from Cornell University.


Forrest Collman

Director of Finance & Grants

Forrest has been a mentor with Minds Matter since 2014, and is currently acting as the Director of Grants. Forrest was born and raised in Franconia, NH, a small town of ~1,000 people in the White Mountains of New Hampshire, and attended the small public high school there, where his graduating class contained 39 people. Forrest attended Princeton University as an undergraduate, where he majored in Physics. He liked it enough to stay on for his Phd., though switched fields to become a neuroscientist. After four years working as a post-doc, he moved to Seattle to take a job as a Scientist as the Allen Institute for Brain Science, where he studies the different types of synapses in the brain and how they change during learning.


Omar Contreras

Co-Director of Fundraising

Omar joined Minds Matter Seattle in 2014, and mentored for three years while studying at University of Washington School of Law. He now focuses his efforts on fundraising for the organization. Omar is an Associate at Seattle law firm Schwabe,Williamson & Wyatt, where he practices corporate transactional law. He immigrated to the U.S. at age six from the Dominican Republic, an experience that drove him to volunteerism focused on expanding educational opportunities for students. He graduated from Rutgers University in 2010 with a B.A. in Economics.


Jonathan Manheim

Co-Director of Fundraising

Jonathan joined Minds Matter as a mentor in 2015 and now also serves as the Co-Director of Fundraising. He is the President of HAL Real Estate, a commercial real estate investment firm. Jonathan grew up in Seattle and received a B.A. in Economics from the University of Pennsylvania.


Trevor Brownd

Director of Mentee Recruitment & Retention

Trevor Joined Minds Matter in 2015 as a junior mentor and is now Director of Mentees. Having an ethos rooted in meritocracy via education, he has mentored and held board positions in a number of other education centric organizations including College Bound Dorchester and Seattle University. Trevor holds an MBA from Boston University & a BBA from University of Portland. His professional career has consisted of roles in investment banking, corporate finance and institutional investment consulting, however, he is taking a time out to stay home with his son. Trevor is an avid skier, an amateur chef, a mediocre outdoorsman and a hopeless gamer.


Coco Liu

Director of Volunteer Recruitment

Coco joined Minds Matter Seattle in fall 2015 as a Senior Mentor and is now Director of Volunteers. She immigrated to the United States at age of 14 from China, an experience that taught her the importance of education and diversity. She holds a BBA from University of Washington, and have worked in banking and investment management field. She is now a portfolio analyst at Russell Investments.

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Nancy Li

Director of Volunteer Retention & Engagement

Nancy joined Minds Matter Seattle as a Sophomore Mentor in 2015 and now serves as the Co-Director of Volunteer Recruitment and Retention.  A transplant from Northern California, Nancy works a senior transportation planner at King County Metro.  She holds a Master's degree in International Environmental Policy from University of California, San Diego, and she received her dual bachelor's degrees in International Political Economy and Chinese Literature from University of California, Berkeley.  Nancy is an avid traveler, a committed foodie, and a devoted owner of a 8-year old bichon-frise.


Theodor Trampe

Director of Alumni Relations

Theo joined Minds Matter as a Mentor in 2015 and joined the executive committee in 2016. He currently works at Amazon.com in Supply Chain for Prime Now. Theo graduated with a B.A. from the University of Pennsylvania in 2015 where he studied Philosophy, Politics, and Economics.



Liz Stone

Co-Director of Marketing & Events

Liz joined Minds Matter Seattle as a mentor in 2014, a role she served in until 2017. In 2016 she joined the EC as Co-Director of Marketing and Events, and today continues in that role and also provides support to the Writing Council. Liz is the Marketing Director at a Seattle-based consulting firm, and a 2010 Seattle University graduate with a B.A. in Strategic Communications.


Katherine Voo

Co-Director Of Marketing & Events

Katherine joined Minds Matter as a mentor and currently serves as Co-Director of Marketing & Events. She is passionate about helping students realize their full potential and has served in a variety of mentoring, tutoring, and diversity and inclusion initiatives across the country. Katherine received a B.S. in Learning & Organizational Change and a certificate in Integrated Marketing Communications at Northwestern University in 2014 and currently works at Amazon.